Lost and Found

I used to think that the Milky Way was something you could only see if you’re an astronomer- it is super elusive and when you do see it, you might mistake it for some haze or fog in the night sky. Was at Lost Lake over the weekend because the forecast said it’d be clear. And it was, before sunset. Set my alarm for 11pm and took a nap. When I woke up, Mt Hood was barely in sight, enshrouded by clouds. Disappointment mounting, I set up my gear to take a test shot anyway. Worst fears confirmed as pictures turned out cloudy. Since I’d driven 2.5 hours there, I decided to muck around and be optimistic. There were a couple of flashes across the sky coz there was probably a thunderstorm going on some where in the West. That distracted me for while, and before I knew it, the skies cleared and the Milky Way was totally visible! Took many shots (probably too many) and this is my favorite amongst them. I guess some things, like Portland’s Voodoo donuts, are worth the wait? :)