My iPhone and Camera gears

From the many questions I get about my iphone setup and camera setup. So theres the list of current equipment I am using..

iPhone Gear

Tripod Clamp

Phone Clamp

Lens I have been looking at the Moment series of lens for quite a while now but their iPhone 7 attachment came out kinda late. so couple months down the road, I saw this set of OOWA lens from DynaOptics based in Singapore and decided to give it a try. Apparently OOWA is having a 30% off the lens kit if u use the SG-OOWA coupon at checkout (not sure how long the coupon will last). I will post some images from this set of lens later but all in all i do like it. Disclaimer: I am not making any money off this. :P I bought this set cos #supportlocal

 OOWA 15mm and 75mm kit

OOWA 15mm and 75mm kit


Camera Gear

Nikon D810 (I just pre-ordered the D850 :):):)

Nikon 14-24mm

Filters for 14-24mm

Nikon 24-70mm (I have the older version that takes 77mm filters and never upgraded because I dont feel like I needed VR at that range and also the newer version uses 82mm filters and I dont feel like changing all my filters to 82mm and using a stepdown ring.)

Nikon 70-200mm (I also have the older version of this and it has served me well. I heard alot of good stuff about the new version though. havent had funds to justify the upgrade yet probably will upgrade it at some point.)

Filters for 24-70mm and 70-200mm

Tripod TVC-24L Ballhead BH-40

L-Bracket. Personally I use a RRS bracket but over the years I found that this company makes pretty good L-bracket that fits and works well with RRS quick release.

F-stop Anja backpack with Medium Slope insert. Based out of San Louis, Missouri.

Kimwipes. If you shoot waterfalls, do yourself a favor get a box of this and it will last you quite a while. They won't scratch your lens and they work better than any towel you ever owned.

Rocket Blower. another do yourself a favor item, get the large RED one. you wont regret.

Crumpler neck strap. an old strap from Crumpler an Aussie company and I had the model called "industry disgrace" loved it and had 2 of them. Seems like you can still find them online but Crumpler dont sell them anymore. I had the version without buckles. 

Camdapter Hand Strap. Small local company based out of Ohio. I have 2 of these as well. pretty awesome. love it.

MagMod Flash Filters. This company makes pretty awesome flash filters. good set to start with. Add more modifiers as needed later.