My iPhone and Camera gears

From the many questions I get about my iphone setup and camera setup. So theres the list of current equipment I am using..

iPhone Gear

Tripod Clamp

Phone Clamp

Lens I have been looking at the Moment series of lens for quite a while now but their iPhone 7 attachment came out kinda late. so couple months down the road, I saw this set of OOWA lens from DynaOptics based in Singapore and decided to give it a try. Apparently OOWA is having a 30% off the lens kit if u use the SG-OOWA coupon at checkout (not sure how long the coupon will last). I will post some images from this set of lens later but all in all i do like it. Disclaimer: I am not making any money off this. :P I bought this set cos #supportlocal

OOWA 15mm and 75mm kit

OOWA 15mm and 75mm kit

Updates (Jan 2019): so from my understanding OOWA is not updating their gear so I have opted to try Moment wide angle lens on my iPhone XS. Ordered a set but it hasn’t arrived yet, let’s see how that goes with my new Leofoto Kit.


Recently updated my iPhone XS gear with @Photosphere.SG, check them out.

Love their mobile solutions; Leofoto mobile attachment PC-90 V2 (a way improved version of PC-90) and also the Leofoto arm attachment to my tripod AM-2.

Camera Gear

Nikon D850

Nikon 14-24mm

Filters for 14-24mm

Nikon 24-70mm (I have the older version that takes 77mm filters and never upgraded because I dont feel like I needed VR at that range and also the newer version uses 82mm filters and I dont feel like changing all my filters to 82mm and using a stepdown ring.)

Nikon 70-200mm (I also have the older version of this and it has served me well. I heard alot of good stuff about the new version though. havent had funds to justify the upgrade yet probably will upgrade it at some point.)

Filters for 24-70mm and 70-200mm

Tripod TVC-24L Ballhead BH-40

L-Bracket. Personally I use a RRS bracket but over the years I found that this company makes pretty good L-bracket that fits and works well with RRS quick release. They cost way less and if you are on a budget.. u could try this out, fall in love with the L-bracket before u justify the RRS price.

F-stop Anja backpack with Medium Slope insert. Based out of San Louis, Missouri.

Kimwipes. If you shoot waterfalls, do yourself a favor get a box of this and it will last you quite a while. They won't scratch your lens and they work better than any towel you ever owned.

Rocket Blower. another do yourself a favor item, get the large RED one. you wont regret.

Crumpler neck strap. an old strap from Crumpler an Aussie company and I had the model called "industry disgrace" loved it and had 2 of them. Seems like you can still find them online but Crumpler dont sell them anymore. I had the version without buckles. 

Camdapter Hand Strap. Small local company based out of Ohio. I have 2 of these as well. pretty awesome. love it.

MagMod Flash Filters. This company makes pretty awesome flash filters. good set to start with. Add more modifiers as needed later. 


Entry Level Camera Recommendations

Fuji XT-30 with kit lens 18-55mm. tried one love it. great value for money in a smaller package as compared to a full sized DSLR.

B+W Circular polarizer to go with it. probably the only filter I use the most

Finally, my to go to Sandisk memory cards

Affordable Tripod Recommendations

Leofoto Ballheads - been using some of their equipment and like it a lot value for money.

Manfrotto Tripod Legs