Elowah Falls, Oregon

Got a bunch of questions about the Elowah Elowah Elowah shot I posted a couple weeks ago, thought I will make a post on it. This comp belongs to one of my favorite landscape photographer, Marc Adamus.

Here goes... Basically my base exposure (top left) was shot at f11 iso400. Kinda liked those small little swirls on the right of the reflection from the water splashes from the ridiculous amount of flow from the falls. I wanted to keep the splashes frozen as always.

2nd exposure was shot polarized to remove the polarized part in the foreground and also have a longer water falls exposure. Shot was also at 1/1.6s f13 iso200 hyperfocus.

The final shot was a stack for the trees with a 1/200s f5.6 and iso800. Fast shutter speed was to freeze the foliage and not to have motion blur.

After multiple wipe shot rinse repeat of maybe 50 shots I got a couple of clean exposures to make the shot work. Hopefully this helps. :)