Tunnel Falls

Missed 3.00am alarm. Missed 3.30am alarm. Missed 4.00am alarm. Missed 4.30am alarm. The 6am "get up for work" alarm went off. Picked up my phone and to my horror... 6.03am. Swear. Swear. Swear. Checked my messages. A msg from Lance at 5.07am. Scrambled around for my bag, gathered change of clothes, wetsuit and some stuff, washed up, got changed and made coffee. Ran out of the house.. 6.17am. Drove towards Eagle Creek. More swearing. Finally got to trailhead. Left a note on Lance's Jeep. Started running, continued running past Metlako Falls, kept running past Punchbowl Falls. Finally got to a landmark, High Bridge, 3.2 miles. Only halfway.. Got so demoralized. Stopped running and started walking instead. Lol. Walking, kept walking. Finally, I saw a familiar couple in sight. Hey that's Lance and Annette! Just in time before the sun peek through the top. Mission accomplished. Tunnel Falls checked.

Long story short, the 5am 12.6miles hike became a 7am 4mile run and 8.6mile hike. Lol. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! :)